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Civil Litigation Matters

In a span of 30 years as a lawyer, Andreas Solomos has handled many cases involving civil disputes. He appeared before Administrative Tribunals, Motions Court, Small Claims Court, Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Civil law courts provide a forum for deciding disputes involving a variety of legal issues (torts), such as accidents, contract disputes, negligence, property disputes, product liability issues, professional malpractice issues, commercial law disputes, estate issues and other matters involving private litigants.

The standard of proof in civil cases is based on the 'balance of probabilities' - this relates to the standard of proof required to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to substantiate allegations. The plaintiff has the onus of proving his/her case on this standard. This is a lower burden of proof than beyond a reasonable doubt. In contrast, criminal trials employ a higher standard of proof because criminal defendants often face the deprivation of life or liberty if convicted while civil defendants generally only face an order to pay money damages if the plaintiff prevails.

Andreas Solomos has gained significant expertise in arguing complex legal cases, often involving substantial sums of money and valued property.

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